Synchronise 2 Macs with animations

Hello all,
I have a project about exhibitions timeline shared on touch two screens (one from 1989 to 1999, the second 2000 to 2020).
I created animations for each but it would be great if the two could be synchronised for starting the Hype’s timelines at the same time.
Any suggestions ?
The two systems are Mac mini + ELO 27" touchscreens and the former xStand on each.


Hello, you can use the pusher service ( I use said service to extend Hype GlobalBehavior but this can also be use without the custom behavior extension.

Look at the pusher API and PHP examples. My dive into the service in conjunction with Hype GlobalBehavior can be found here (and used or looked at as reference)

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Thanks ! I will try this. But is there a solution in local (offline) ?

Offline for sure not as you at least need a local area network as the devices need to talk to each other. In that case you can run and programm a Socket Server. Pusher is such a service as a SaaS. There are solutions you can run as a service deamon on a local network with connected computers.

I mean on local network,yes.

Well it adds the whole layer of setting up the server and running it but if your in need or really can’t go online here is a server you can run as a node JS package

This is completely nuts, but you can send data over ultrasonic audio, so if the two computers are nearby and have audio listening / recording capabilities, and are hosted on a local https server (assuming you’re running in Chrome), you could use this: (But Max’s suggestion is more robust).

You may want to create a computer to computer wifi network for this:

(Came upon the concept here).

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