Symbol timeline behaviour question


Yes… just as in my illustrated post above - the 3 Steps
Along with a link to the Hype Documentation about “Custom Behaviors” :wink:

Step 1: “Timeline1” which I used in my example is created inside the Symbol (“Symbol Pink Square”). As also mentioned You could also use the Symbol’s “Main Timeline”. You don’t have to create a new timeline unless it You need it. I created “Timeline 1” just to show other possibilities.

Step 2: A “Custom Behavior” (“Custom01”) was created to run this Timeline in the “Symbol Inspector” while You are “in” the Symbol.

Step 3: In the “Actions Inspector” You can select the “Trigger Custom Behavior…” (say for a Mouse click) and select the Custom Behavior You created in Step 2 (“Custom01”).

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Ok I think I have it. I have been experimenting following your and other’s advice and I seem to have it all working.

I had read the manual but I just didn’t grasp the idea that the only way to access a symbol’s timeline using Actions is via Custom Behaviours and must be created inside the symbol you want to control. That last bit I just didn’t grasp until now. Apologies for my slowness on getting this point.

Thanks to everyone for your help, it’s hugely appreciated!


You are one of many - including me - that didn’t get the picture immediately… but when You do “Custom Behaviors” are a powerful feature in your tool kit. :open_mouth:

Note: You can also trigger a Custom Behavior from the Scene Inspector’s “Event List” (“Scene Load~Unload”, “Key Press”, “Swipe ~ Up, Down, Left, Right”, etc.)

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Thanks so much for your help on this!