Symbol swap, edit symbol separately, and folders in resources

It would be great to have the ability to click a symbol on stage and swap it with another in the resources. They had this functionality in flash and it made delegating tasks much more efficient.

It would also be great to have the ability to double click a symbol in the resource folder and edit it independently of the scene. I have found as I build more and more complex sites, that if I have several instances of a symbol on a stage, if I go in to edit, things slow down to a crawl as it is trying to render everything.

Thirdly, the ability to organize a resource directory by folders would be incredibly useful.

A few other aside questions:

Why is every element on stage further wrapped in a containing

? I don’t understand the need for it, I have had to write into those containers at time to get the code to work the way I want.

Would it be possible to make it compile the external .js files within the main, so that there were less calls to the server?



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Thanks for all the feedback; good requests.

Specifically you meant he .HYPE_element_container elements in the DOM? Specifically it was to work around some issues with 3D transformations and give consistent perspective to elements. I have been wanting to try removing it recently, at least for non-3D elements. It is a pain for me as well in debugging DOM issues!

If you're asking about embedding the *_hype_generated_script.js, this is an option in Advanced Export as "Inline data+loader" and Export Scripts as exportShouldInlineDocumentLoader. Export Scripts also have an option for exportShouldInlineHypeJS to inline the runtime, but this is a little different as it includes a specific script tag at the top of the document. Technically you could paste the HYPE.js runtime at the top before anything else is loaded, but make sure this is the full (physics+IE) version.

I’d second this FR. It would take a great load off when dealing with multiple scenes, acting the same (except for the different symbols).


I’d second this too. This is useful for swapping symbols when designing symbols that’s different from Mobile and Desktop sizes.