Stroke styles and vector masks

Are these there or incoming at some point?

I would not having the posibillity to be able to make a group and then open its path to make a overflow:hidden path animation. And this path animation works better with more anchor points to animate with.

Second: It would be great if there where some stroke style options out there. See the video and screenshot for reference.

Third: It would be cool if one could select one anchor point and change the stroke size to maybe generate a smaller endpoint of that stroke?


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I don’t quite follow this request; can you elaborate?

If what you’re asking for is a way to do a “line draw” animation on an entire shape, which may look like a line, then I think the way a future version would support this is via masking with a shape layer masking your draw shape.

There’s the possibility of this, and to some degree you can do it now via SVG filters. Please see @MaxZieb’s work in this thread:

As with your above question, the bigger point is that those paths aren’t really paths, they have become full shapes. I imagine for a variety of needs we will need to have the ability to turn paths into their shape outlines for a future release.

Thanks for the feedback!

Some Stroke Animation in action.