Simulate "visited" state


Hi michelangelo, if I’ve understood you suggest to use a single scene, is it right?
I have 35 different scenes actually. The project has 8 chapters, each chapter has some internal slides. The client requests a lot of changes so the number of internal slides will change, this is why i decided to use scenes instead one single timeline…
Thank you.

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in this example I used a symbol with two menu. the CURRENT state is an additional element, added by the “click” event only one time. (28.6 KB)

in this case, if you need to control more than one project an additional variable is required to contro le CURRENT state, maybe through the “custom behavior” solution


It is not very clear to me how… but it works! I have a sort oh main scene (homepage) where there are the button. They are not duplicated in the other scene. Michelangelo, can I send you the project to see if it is feasible and quote your work?