Scroll smoothly to the bottom of the page

Yes it worked thank you!! :smile:

How can I make the same button to scroll to the bottom when we’re in the top and scroll to the top when we’re in the bottom?

Sorry Daniel, but the “smooth” doesn’t work… I copied everything like your file! I don’t know how to fix it

hi all,
since some day ALL this kind on ScroolTo on Hype stopped to work!!! all my all projects was working with, they don’t scroll no more…finished, stop, f***ed up!!


In order for the Forum to (possibly) come up with a solution please post an example of a project that has this issue.

Hi Jim, ok excuse me, I’ll try to do better, just download and open the file of Chris2 post (Scroll smoothly to the bottom of the page), it doesn’t work anymore. It’s the same solution I used in my projects…
I tried even the last version of jquey codes, but nothing

Hi Nim!

Your example link to @Chris2’s example works for me.

Are You seeing any errors in the “Developer’s console” of your web browser when the scrolling operation runs (or the document opens)?

I am leaving for the day… perhaps someone else can pick up the baton here if You have more immediate questions.

it works for you? i dunno…
All this kind of scrollTo, form me and my colleagues don’t scroll anymore.
Here it goes an other semple:

This projets is the same scroll of Chris2…Since few weeks, the button “ E tu che Miss Pennyblack sei?” doesn’t scroll anymore…all browsers, mac and pc…

Scrolls to the form for me in Safari

Exacty, but it’s unbelievable!!! We tested on every browser, mac, pc, mobile, nothing…
Or it has a problem with italian server?!!? it drive me crazy this story!

On iOS, Chrome and Safari this works for me.

On Mac High Sierra, Works on Safari but not Chrome. (v61)
On PC, Works on Chrome.

I also tested the original Scroll project and Chrome on the Mac does not work. Safari does!!

ok, now I changed the code and I used the one by chris in my old project and yes, I confirme, the problem rest only on Chrome 61 et 62…
Is there a way to fix it?

I get no errors so it is hard to see what the issue with Chrome is

You can change the code to just normal Jquery,
You never really needed the ScollTo library

          scrollTop: $("#Bottom").offset().top
  }, 800);

Tested that in Chrome -v61 and it worked ok


wow! this works GREAT!!!


Work well in desktop, but in a webview on an android device, no effect, any idea ?


Hi, I personally cannot test android but which part of this thread are you using and referring to?

Thanks for replying.

I use this method :
('html,body').animate({ scrollTop: ("#Bottom").offset().top
}, 800);

Nothing append in a android webview…