Scaling content together

To remove the -webkit-transform: rotateY(0); style you can also turn off ‘Use Webkit Graphics Acceleration’ in the Document Inspector prior to export.

Thanks Daniel,
Result is better, indeed

I would love to have this in a forthcoming update, too. Objects positioned relative to others (e.g. this box needs to be 10px below the bottom edge of this other box) simply doesn’t lend itself well to pinning-and-scaling.

The viewport/breakpoint approach is helpful, but I’d prefer 2 or 3 breakpoints with smooth scaling in-between over a dozen or more device-specific breakpoints (between iOS devices from iPhone 4S up to iPhone 6 Plus in both landscape and portrait — to say nothing of Android — this gets out of hand really quickly, and it’s the wrong approach, anyway).

+1 on proportionally scaling - very useful/convenient when distributing a mobile app prototype