Scale entire presentation to new resolution

I have an existing 30 scene presentation set at 1024x768 which now needs to be displayed on a HD TV at 1920x1080. I need to scale the presentation up and adjust the layout of a few items so it fills the new ratio as best I can, to avoid white space either side.

I’m ‘selecting all’ on a scene and scaling everything up by 140% (which roughly takes me to the correct height I need) then manually adjusting items for best fit. However, it doesn’t appear to be scaling the animation in line with the items themselves (if that makes sense) meaning I have to manually adjust every single page item individually (and there’s hundreds).

Am I going about this the wrong way? I can’t see a quicker way of doing it? Any help anyone may have will be greatly appreciated.

make Group of the items and apply the settings you want to the Group?

The tip @TKDblackbelt refers to is here:

The thread also has some older techniques involving JavaScript (but generally you can just copy/paste).


for a proportional scaling this is the latest hit. But in your case there is a nice gap between 1024x768 and 1920x1080. proportional fit to fill is also not an option¿

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Hi, many thanks for the tip. I’ve not used Hype for a while and I though (maybe a few versions back?) that grouping effected the animation of individual items within the group, so that’s why I didn’t try.

Just grouped some elements and its scaled perfectly - saving me a mountain of time. Many thanks!

Many thanks for the reply. In the end a simple ‘group’ did it for me, but this is good to know! Thank you.

Many thanks Jonathan!

Well, nearly worked - group items, scale - all good - ungroup items, layout falls apart in to a mess :frowning:

Yeah, if you’re using the group scaling method the trick is that everything needs to be in one top-level group. Sometimes it is easier to ungroup while developing and just wait until the end to group it all.

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Could there be an option when you ungroup to preserve the transforms? Sort of like in After Effects, when you have a layer parented, scale the parent, and then unparent, the new size is preserved.

This is a good feature request. More specifically I’ve wanted to add a group and scene resize mode where the flexible layout pins will take effect when doing the resize as well.