Save to a single file

Our custom CMS requires us to copy/paste all HTML/JS/CSS as one file into the source box. I was wondering if there was a way for Hype to generate a single file as opposed to a folder.

I understand all the downsides to this. It is not the ideal workflow, but I am not able to add the folder to the server.

I’m not sure what you mean by “source box”, but you can save your project as a movie or an animated gif.

Sorry, it’s just a text box that we paste HTML into. There is also WYSIWYG editor, but I use the source box. I don’t have any other access to the server so I can’t upload a folder with the js/css to include.

As for animating as a gif, it’s not an option. These are interactive educational resources.


I don’t know if the below post~thread is what you’re looking for - it seems near to the mark - or at least closer than You were.

You might try a search on the Forum archives for “Single HTML file” (which got a fair amount of hits, including the above post~thread) or something similar.