Reverse transition between scenes

Dear Tumult,

I am trying to create an interactive navigation and would like to have a reverse animation transition between scenes. I am having trouble to figured out how to do that. Is there a recommended way without having timelines for every possible combination of transition between the elements? I have 12 topics, that will lead to 12 scenes

I attached a storyboard to illustrate what I mean.

Thanks in advance for your help.


May be best to post an example project or what you are trying to do.

might be an answer :slight_smile:

here is a rough example (665.5 KB)

Thanks Mark

I am checking out,
many thanks

Maybe this should be simple without much of js, instead I am making it complicated. Any suggestions? here is an demo mock with a diagram inserted in one (862.6 KB)

I think something like this would work well: Relative Timelines, but not backwards, but it would only work on a single scene, not across multiple scenes.

you’ve got a few buttons that hold an action to switch to a scene …

Set an action to the buttons to run the main timeline reverse and an action to start another timeline that has an action at the duration of the main timeline to show the desired scene …

Thanks Daniel and h_classen,

Does this makes sense to you ? (863.5 KB)



yes, this is what i thought you’d like to achieve …

Great! Many thanks.