Retrigger viewport

Maybe I missed it but, I haven’t found this elsewhere on the forum.

I’ve got an animation that plays and resets on entering / exiting viewport. If I resize the window and jump to a different responsive layout, the animation obviously does not retrigger.

I can set it to trigger at layout load, but I don’t want it to conflict with or defeat the viewport action.

I’m not really understanding how you have your animation setup such that it does not play again after window resize (and loading a new layout). Is it in a persistent symbol?

This comes to mind: Have a viewport timeline animation play only once… But I"m not perfectly clear on what your end goal is. Perhaps a timeline ‘continue’ action would satisfy this?

When the object enters the viewport it fades in the blur and opacity. If I resize the browser window and trigger the switch in responsive layouts, it does not repeat the fade-in, but as it appears after the fade-in. It would be nice if I could have it play from the start when switching layouts in this way. I assume that triggering it on scene load would work with an automatic layout swap, but this could defeat the viewport action.

Not a big thing.