Responsive layout, duplicate ID's?

I’m working on a project that I want to be responsive. When the tablet is turned I want the layout to change to a vertical format. But when I create a new layout, none of the button work. Everything loses it’s unique ID for the new layout. Am I forced to recreate all button ID’s and script names? Or is there something I’m missing?

Hi Randy!

Yes, You will need to use different IDs for each layout. If You are just doing a couple this might be the easiest route to go. However you will quickly reach the point you will want to use “class” as an identifier.

Do a search for “Class” on the Forum. I would not make it more specific than this as what You may find useful for your purposes - including learning about the use of “classes” in general - may be missed with a finer sieve.

Here is a thread that may be most pertinent to your current need - if You go the “class” route. At the minimum it would be a good starting point for further research.

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Thanks Jim,

I’ll take a look. Sounds like what I was looking for.

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