Resizing Layout Restarts Animation

I have an animation which runs about thirty seconds set up with responsive layouts. It works great except for cases in which the user resizes the browser window, at which point the animation restarts at the beginning.

Is there any way to keep the animation persistent so that if the browser is resized from say an iPad portrait layout to an iPad landscape layout, the animation would pick up at the same point in the timeline from each layout?

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.

Here is a similar question asked recently. (Note: the search is your friend)

You could perhaps adapt this to your needs.

Another route would be to pause and store the time in the timeline that is playing (on layout / scene unload) and then continue the timeline from the stored information (on scene / layout load)


Thanks so much for the quick response.

I had seen the first post you suggested, but missed the post on synchronizing timelines. Both of these suggestions seem really helpful. I’ll give them a shot.

DBear - Got it working. Thanks so much for the suggestions. You rock!

Hey, how did you get the code to work? whats the process because im having the same issue. I see where the on layout load is, but what to do after? Thanks