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Hello, I would like to ask a question I upgraded version 3.5 to version Hype standard proffesional. In changes to my site with hype, I saw the opportunity to negotiate a opizione “shows charging indicator” in the Documents section. Checking this option on my site shows “LOAD” I ask you can change this in writing …

I offer my warmest wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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If I understand you correctly… have a look at this :

Which includes making a custom loader and text.

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@MarkHunte’s is the right answer, but to clarify; it should show “Loading…” (but is localized so might be in a different language). Does yours say say something else/is in capital letters?

Thank you for help given, you post the link of the site to see the problem “www.favolaumbra.i”.

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It says “Carico” for me… it not all capitalized letters, and I do believe this is the italian word for loading; or is there a better word to use?

Yes, I would change the word “CARICO”. I saw that the procedure and long, but with the program Hype, you can not do anything …

thank you

Thanks - it sounds like it is operating as we expect. Please use the above documentation to add your own preloader for now!