"real" 3D space

This is looks super interesting: http://3d-transforms.webflow.com/

Are there any plans to bring anything similar to future release of hype?
Basically what is missing is only Z axis manipulation - move to front / back, rotation is already present in hype, I think.

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This is super cool. I would love to see something like this in a future release.

We don’t make promises about future features or their release dates, but I agree it’d be great to do more with 3D.

You can do something like this already, just by using scenes. In the webflow page you link to they give you the clues to the geometry but you’ll have to enter it manually for each layer in Hype. Here’s an exampleL 3d effect 2.hype.zip (22.1 KB)


Simple and very nice.

Another example of “real 3D space” attached - created by an app called Canoma (really old link - but still descriptive) that came out in 1999 and used photogrammetry to create photorealistic 3D environments. It was way ahead of its time - and such a delight to use (like Hype). Bought from its original owners (MetaCreations) & buried by Adobe (“Atmospheres”).

What is interesting about this demo is it used one of Vermeer’s paintings (called “the Music Lesson”) as its basis. Vermeer is believed to have used a camera obscura to set the geometry of his works which makes it a viable image to create a 3D fly around - into a room that existed over 350 years ago.

Perhaps version 5 of Hype might offer a similar ability to create graphic “immersive” environments?

Yeah I remember this app it was by the Metacreations developers who sold it to some French company back in the day and it went nowhere.