Question on how to store/archive hype files correctly

Is there a way to properly package hype files? Recently I experienced an issue where a bulk of my hype files became corrupt when the company I work for decided to move the source files around in dropbox.

A part of me believes that this could have been avoided if I had zipped my hype files alongside with the assets I used.

Even if that wasn’t the cause, can anyone tell me the best practices in storying/archiving hype files? I can’t tell if hype links assets from folders or embeds them into hype itself. I know with Indesign or After Effects they have an option to package the files and assets used into one spot. So if you have any tips, it would be much appreciated!


Assets in the 'Resources Library' are within the .hype file. For backing up Hype documents, a zip, tar, or .gz file is good for long term backup. An 'export' can also be recovered by selecting Help > Restore Document From Export.

You can recover deleted files in Dropbox by ctrl + clicking on a .hype document and then clicking 'show package contents'. In that folder, you can browser the folder structure of the Hype document:


... and then recover deleted files or get to a previous state:

So simply zipping a .hype file is good enough to preserve the file?

Also, Since the assets are within the hype file, how come the assets can be updated from a separate folder? Not that I find this an issue but the reason I was initially confused if the assets were linked or embed in the file.

Anyways thanks for the tips!

Here's more info on how that works: Hype Resource Files Location - #2 by Daniel and some extra info from our documentation: Tumult Hype Documentation