Pre loaded images


I have created a hype document and uploaded it to a server. I would like the whole document to pre-load the images before it displays but as it is, the images are loading per scene transition, which makes animation etc. choppy and not work properly. I know there are pre load options, but even with these boxes checked I am still having the same problems. Has anyone had this issue and is there anyway of rectifying it?

if preloaded, it’s probably an issue of big filesizes, hugh nbr of files, to slow animated elements … may be glitch because of applied background.
You’ve got to share an example …


As @h_classen said, it is probably an optimizing issue. Try looking at the following site on this forum and get back and click solved if this helped solve the problem along with Hans’.


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Thanks guys! I actually have figured out it’s a server issue. I uploaded the document to another server and it worked perfectly. Cheers :slight_smile:

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