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been posting hype html folder to my website on Godaddy for years, now Iget the dreaded 404 error. My site is in Plesk, and I add folder to opendocs directory, then uploaded resources folder and html. file to folder and that is what I have been doing always and now all of a sudden I get 404 error. Dont know whether to contact godaddy or start here. Thank you for your time

The most common issue here is if you've changed the name of your export -- if you export using the name 'index' then Hype will generate a index.html file. Most web hosts load this automatically when the person loads the folder where the index.html file is contained. If you can send more info or screenshot that would be helpful to diagnose this issue.

Screenshot 2024-04-03 at 2.30.41 PM

What is the website URL you are trying to access?
website is located on Plesk server on godaddy.
I have been using hype and it has worked fine but now it wont recognise the html folder from hype. Thanks for help.

The URLs work fine for me, can you perhaps elaborate on the issues you are encountering? It sounded like you were getting a 404 which usually means the website isn't where you intended to upload it (or named differently, like an index.html vs alan.html issue).

But now you say it won't recognize the html folder from hype. Can you specify what it is, and include any error messages and screenshots of your process to see what you are doing?

Your process (and even browser) are identical to what you used before and had it working?

Same process, and now it just worked for me, so must have been a problem on the godaddy server. I wasted several hours, not real happy with godaddy right now. Now i can adjust that slider and get the symbol on each layout correct. thank you for checking.

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Well, I'm glad it is working now!