Post displayed timings?

I will be updating the widget I made here

Hype Scriptable Actions (for the Tumult Hype Forum).

to show the posts, posted times

In doing so I noticed that the dates on the forum I am seeing for last post are not right.

I.e the post in the browser shows 1D (days ago)

but My code shows 2D ( days ago)

When I double check the post date I get back from the latest jason and indeed in the browser elements for the post date. My code result seems to be correct.

I.e a Post posted on the 24th shows as one day ago on forum, but my code will show it as two days.

Not sure why this would be, am I missing something??.

This is cool!

Could it have something to do with the time zone set when you view the site vs. what the JSON is returning?

Thats what I originally thought, but as you can see the day ago in the display does not match the posted Oct 24, 2020 10:52. time in it's own element timestamp ( which is the same time/date as what the json returns. )

The json is pretty much the same give or take..

Which with my code would return two days not one?.

Just not sure whats what.


Should say not I am not sure how that would be set apart from the Macs system time.

And the 24th is still the 24th, as in yesterday for everyone was the 25th.

following up via pm