Playing Video from a local hard drive or network drive

We need to play HD-videos from a local disk on fly.
Same, as they would be played from youtube, but from a disk in the local network, cause we need the bandwidth that is not supplied from internet provider.
To load all videos to be played into the hype file is not possible cause this would increase the loading time dramatically, before they could be played.

Is there a way to handle this ?

Have a look at my page here which loads the video ( (mp4) locally. ( link on last post )if you can get it to load your videos then let me know and I will show you how when I get a min. Note that the page itself has to be on a server due to security restriction in browsers.

Hi Mark,
thanks for you´re help (again).
I really appreciate that.

And yes, the files in the right format are no problem to be fed into the player from the network disk. Those files, in other containers are no problem tobe re-muxed.
Take you´re time to reply, I´m less in a hurry than thankful for you´re help.

Good post here too

Thanks for the link,
however this considers just external hosted video content and not internal path to content.
The idea behind is to build an application that runs under OS9 in kiosk mode to show -by the application- presented content from internal network sources.
External is no problem, but the bandwidth is often not wide enough to display HD quality.

iOS App.

Would it not make more sense building the app as a pure iOS app using the objective - c / Swift (cocoa ) frameworks.

But maybe you could give more details.

Will the user choose a file from the file system and load one video loaded at a time in a single player( which my link demos, more complex)
Will the film list be a static selection for the use represented by thumbnails with hard links. With only one video loaded at a time in a single player ( very easy to do)

And any other relevant details…

Hi, Mark,

T!hanks für you’re reply.
Yes, ist would be possible to marke a pure iOS App. Umfortumately I’m not so familia with Swift since programming is not my normal field of activities.
Hype is easy to use und the plan was, to transfer the hype application later into an iOS app via x-Code.

The idea behind is, to find, as you mentioned, in the app a number of thumbnails (or hosted content -such as youtube) in lo resolution on a UI.
Next to each content (item) will be a button to load this content in the original quality.
Tis works so fare …
Next to the thumbnail will be a button to load the original content (in the original quality) from the local File into a Player.
Yes, there will be just one Video at a time.
So the film list will some how be static, (next to every thumbnail in the hype application will be a destination button with the dedicated path within the LAN)

My idea was, just to substitute the videolink to the hoster by one into the LAN and instead of getting the content from the internet … from the local source, but this seems to be a bigger problem.
(For what reason so ever)

You mentioned, that the hard link to a would be very easy … if its so, perhaps it is better to build the Hype application around to fit this solution and to rebuild the user interface.
But the first thing I have to find is the way, to load out of a Hype application a local videofile.
This is my basic problem so fare.
The video player, in you´re application was close to this … was this a hype application ?

Yes all done with Hype and js.

It seems what you are describing is similar to something I have already build with Hype.

The demo link I provided actually loads the video from a users local computer to the browser. Imagine that I do not have hard links to their files. So I have to load the binary data to the browser from the file they choose.
This will also work on an iOS device but you will be limited afaik to the iOS library or for example dropbox.
If you have an IOS application that can share your network in this way to access the files then it should work. But that is unlikely you have that.

But simply loading a video into a player that you have control of where the files are is easier and is a simple matter of changing the videos source property to the path you want and then telling it to load it. (al in JS).
(There are a few examples already existing on the site.)

Again the issue is is linking to a local network via IOS


This list of kiosk applications may be helpful: Displaying a Tumult Hype document in a Kiosk or as an app

Hi Daniel
I have carefully studied this page already, unfortunately there ist no real hint, how to make the connection to a local file.
It is more about the Kiosk side.
perhaps a topic later on.
So fare I have not solved the first step.

But thanks for the link.


ok the examples are buried in examples... (38.6 KB)

You will need to set your own paths to the video.

In this example mine was in a directory called videos
Said directory was sitting along side the exported project. Hence ./ at the beginning of the path

I have also now added a slight better example to the Audio/Video wiki

Hi Mark.
Thanks again, also for the patience.

the player you send me was, what I´ve been trying couple of days ago.
Now, that you send it again, I´ve been trying from you´re hype file again … same result.

The player always generates an error, no matter what I enter in the path line.
I have dropped the file onto the “terminal”, to find out the exact path an selected the next file, direct on my computer.

terminal came out with:

I copy and pasted it into vid.load:
video.setAttribute(‘src’, “/Users/ww/Movies/Padley.mp4”);

I also added a “.”, like in you’re sample and also cut the “user” und “ww” and started with … “/Movies” for testing … but no change.
When i drop this line into safari, it will change to

file:///Users/ww/Movies/Padley.mp4… and runs in the browser fine.
I copied that and tried it on vidLoad … same result.

video.setAttribute(‘src’, “file:///Users/ww/Movies/Padley.mp4”);
Running the player in the hype app will always generate an error in the player command field.

In you´re video cue the file runs perfect. But not in this hype application.
Any idea ?

Will work but not from preview. You have to export the project first and look at the exported project.