Persistent symbols not affected by scene transitions

I am trying to add some persistent symbols as elements in scenes (e.g. background images, etc.) and when I make a scene transition, I want them to be part of that transition. Instead, it seems to just leave it hanging there instead of animating as if it was part of that scene.

Example(press on the circle - which is a persistent symbol - to swap scenes):

Source file: (21.8 KB)

So how can I make my persistent symbol animate WITH the scene?

EDIT: It animates them with the scene transition if Scene A has the symbol and Scene B doesn’t, but not if they both have the symbol.

Wow, I never noticed that before. It looks like it might be a bug, I can reproduce it easily. You should send it to Tumult via Hype’s “Report an Issue” from the Help Menu.

This is related to this issue: Persistant Symbols - Transition

It is on our radar and we might include these symbols in scene transitions in a future update.

Thanks everyone for confirming this is a bug.

Just a note, this may be intended behavior for some, so don’t change it entirely, just add an option similar to the “Display on top on screen animation” one to animate with the scene.

I moved a post to a new topic: Hover state stuck on button within Persistent Symbol

To clarify things a bit. There is only one instance of each persistent symbol per document. So if a persistent symbol is on two different scenes we simply move it from one scene to the next after the scene transition.

If the persistent symbol is only on 1 of the 2 scenes involved in the transition it will animate with the rest of the elements in the scene.

If you want the symbol to always be a part of the scene during the transition it is best to use a Standard Symbol.

Yeah, I get that, but it makes sense in certain instances to have a persistent symbol instead. For example, if you change the state of something in it through script (e.g. text) and you want the changes to remain between scenes. Sure, you can do it with standard symbols, or even without symbols at all, it’s just extra effort.

Definitely a good point. We will definitely consider adding this feature. Thanks for the feedback!

It seems that this feature is not implemented yet, better to say I either cannot use transitions with persistent nor with standard symbols, which makes the smooth / fade transition useless between scenes. I placed a persistent / standard logo and navigation link in the header, a persistent or standard symbol with footer and choose fade transition, but all these elements jitter when loading a new scene! The symbols jump to the left of the viewport and back to their original position after the scene has loaded. This is a great pitty, because I have to use standard symbols, with which it is working fine, but this is not an option because once I have to change something I have to go through every single scene and change the elements.

Just to follow up, it is also the case that if a persistent symbol is in a group using flexible layout, it is likely it may be in the wrong position during a scene transition. This is a bug (as of v3.5.3).

Ok, good to know, thanks!

Hey Guys, just want to bump this issue up.

Here is my issue with this, maybe you can point me to a way to fix my problem or just confirm that i have to wait for a fix.

Anyways, i made a breadcrumb as persistent symbol. It has clickable steps which take the user to a certain scene in the whole animation. The whole thing is a very complex animation build through several scenes. To jump between them i made said breadcrumb or step navigation, however you want to call it.
Every time i switch a scene the breadcrumb is transferred to it and starts its timeline which moves an indicator behind the current active step/scene. The Breadcrumb symbol has a second timeline which is played as soon as you click on a step to jump to a certain scene. The indicator animation is slightly different in this case.

However, the problem is, as soon as the new scene loads and the animation inside the symbol starts it looses its actual position and jiggles … most of the time it just set itself to position top/left, width 100%. At least that is how it looks. i played with all the settings a lot but there is no way to prevent that.

So since you confirmed it as a bug i think i’ll just wait for a solution or maybe you can come up with a good idea to build this breadcrumb another way. I could not think of any. The breadcrumb animates in between the scene transition and persistent symbols are the only way to this if my understanding is correct.


the persistant symbol has to be top level: not grouped etc. be sure to have the same settings for alignment and scaling too …

if this doesn’t help … a file normally does :slight_smile:

Oh wow… i just tried to create a file for you because i can’t share the original and i just could not recreate it. So i followed your instructions and it worked! I thought my case was part of the bug at hand… thank you so much!