Parallax, transitions and animations

I been designing some static mobile apps and was wondering if Hype can produce the same parallax, transitions and animation effects like in this to individual elements on a page/scene example ( on hype during scene transitions?

You only have the built in transitions and there is sadly no API. That said with some trickery you can create your own transitions.

Hope this helps

PS: If you have access to the new 4.0 there is also a new callback coming your way to update content before the transition takes place. Only important if you have dynamic data.

PPS: if you want to go beyond Hype ... transitions using WebGL are currently a „thing“

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Gracias @MaxZieb The scene transition you posted is a good start or me to play around. I was also thinking I need to brush up on some JS skills to get those individual effects for titles, copy and images like the do in the example video. I do have access to the Hype 4 beta and see what extras it has to utilize. Thank you again.

I think I found my answer in this video ( with @jonathan “Page to Scene” where he swipes and an animation begins.