Outputting a specific responsive layout to a png-sequence. How?

I want to output a specific (responsive) layout, from a row of other layouts, to a png-sequence, but only succeed with the largest one… Trying to set scaling on export only returns a smaller version of the beforementioned “large” layout vesion.

Only other way to export a particular layout seems to be “Advanced Export” but this only applies to html5-versions.

Cannot figure out the setting. Have I missed something out here?

Kind regards, Mikael

duplicate your document. delete all unwanted layouts in the duplicate. export to png-sequence.

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Or you could follow this which may save you some time


Best to read the whole thread but the last post

has a symbol which you can add to temporary new first scene .
The symbol does all the lifting for you. You just need to enter two bits of info as instructed.


Thank you, MarkHunte and h_classen :slight_smile: Kind regards, Mikael