Outdated Tutorials

Both tutorials, from Tumult and Lynda sites are from old versions of Hype, there is no a single one about Hype 3 Pro.

Or anyone knows where I could get information or tutorials about this software?

Thanks in advance.

@Davirus I am in the process of building out our tutorials which cover Hype Professional Features. I’ve just added a Physics demo document to the Physics section of our documentation which fills in the some of the gaps in what’s possible with the Physics engine: http://tumult.com/hype/documentation/3.0/#physics

I’m also working on a document to provide a thorough set of examples for how to use Responsive Layouts.

While our videos do cover Hype 2 and the old interface, they still provide accurate information: http://tumult.com/hype/tutorials/

This tutorial covers some of the basic features of Hype, but does not go very far into the new Pro features: https://www.udemy.com/tumulthype/

What types of tutorials would you like to see?

Could we get a tut on ‘Custom Behaviors’? I’ve never quite grasped the concept and therefore I really haven’t used them.

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Custom Behaviors are based on an Broadcaster <–> Listener concept. It is very easy once you imagine it the right way! So lay back and open your mind :slight_smile:

Custom Behaviors are a like a Twitter stream

Yes, but what does that mean?

That means any button or timeline action can trigger a Custom Behaviors much like sending a Tweet …

But who receives the Tweet… I mean Custom Behaviour?

That’s the magic… everybody who is listening.

And how can I listen?

Well currently you … I mean Hype… can only listen at the scene and symbol level. In the scene or symbol panel you can add a new “listener”… it’s called add new behaviour

Well and what do I do then?

####You can link it to an action or Javascript. So everytime it receive a “Tweet” it fires that action.

The End

Okay a little to short but… seriously… a great tutorial on this topic would be wonderful as this concept is very powerful and would help a lot o f people.

Also check out the extension called startCustomBehaviourTicker and the example. It’s a bit more advanced and shows some of the possibilities: Extend Tumult Hype with JavaScript: hypeDocument.extensions

*Side note: Next update of Hype will allow to listen to Custom Behaviour from any function

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A Book About Hype covers Hype 3.5 + Pro

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That comment was made back in May 2015. :slight_smile: However you are correct that there is a book about Hype 3.5 + Pro so thanks for the shameless plug :smiley:

I woke up and checked the forum from my iPad. For some reason, I thought it was May 15th. (Although, I probably didn’t check the date.) I missed the part that said “1 Year Later”. I haven’t been very active on this forum as not much has changed lately.

…and of course I’m going to shamelessly promote my book. It’s a good book. If someone says there isn’t anything about Hype 3.5, then mentioning the book is factual. HA!