Only my smallest width layout is showing


When I upload my exported HTML5 document and paste the code in my website, only the smallest layout will show. Furthermore it doesn’t change at any of my set breakpoint widths.

Am I not uploading all of the layouts somehow? Or do you suspect that something in my site’s CSS is blocking this responsive functionality?

When I enter preview mode my layouts change at the correct breakpoint widths in the browser.


Can you share a link? It seems like you might be putting it within a non responsive container.

Hi Daniel,

That could very well be the case. You’ll see the hype animation in the
header. Here’s the link

There is also some problem with spacing. For some reason it is aligning
at the top left of my

as opposed to where I want it to line.

Thanks for any help you can provide!



Daniel wrote:

BTW this is helpful for testing layouts: Safari's Responsive Design Mode

It looks like the document you embedded is within a div that has a max width of 789. Might help to place it out of that container, and instead place it within <div class="class="page-title right">

It should expand to fit the larger layout if your layout width is smaller than 789. Can you share your document?


I tried putting it in a larger div that should work - but it still won’t expand to fit. And the spacing gets strange.

The Safari tool is great though!

Can you share your html + Hype document? I’d like to play around with this. You could send me a PM here if you’d like.