One second = 0.30?

Does anyone know why half a second in the timeline equates to 00:00.15 and not 00:00.50?

30 frames per second as a comparative measure.

ah yes… that makes sense now. Thanks.

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There are some helper functions in the extensions section that might help when addressing the timeline with time index (Frames etc.).

I believe each second means 30 frames, so 0.5 sec would be 15 frames.
That’s what I imagine, no hard data to back me up.

Hype uses 30 frames-per-second within the editor. It is the most common video FPS timing. This is also a good compromise between specificity and ease of editing. Because of this, the notation for sub-seconds is in frames instead of fractional seconds. for example, 00:00.01 is easier to work with than the equivalent 00:00:033333333333333 :smile:.

Note that Hype will playback animations at 60 FPS in the browser.

We have had requests to allow changing the editor FPS, playback FPS, and timecode notation, all of which are good ideas.

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