Mouse Move Parallax

(Mark Hunte) #21

It did make me look at this as a tutorial to WebGL

Which kinda reminds me of something else I have been looking at p5.js which uses a canvas and seems to be aimed at making Javascript/animation simple for newbies. ( not to sure about that )

(Pete) #22

Thanks for sharing Mark,

Omg lol wow he’s quite spiffy! That said, Id like nothing more than what he had. Seriously, he speaks with his hands and his face. Yes, his face, its when he does these wacky facial expressions.

(Mark Hunte) #23

So true, he is one of my favourite people to watch on youtube. Awesome guy.
Check out the rest of his channel including his code challanges where he is challanged to create an animation in said number of minutes from scratch… whacky fun.