Math Equation in Easing Functions, how-to?

HI to all JavaScript-savvy beta testers!

Does anyone have an example or a visual how-to post about that new Math Equation?

Visually Yours,

At this point in the Keynote, Jonathan does a quick demo (a bit hard to see):

So in the sample, the default is:

return t / dur

So you’re creating a function that charts the course of an element using these variables:

  • t The absolute time in the timeline (floating point number)
  • start is the time of the initial keyframe (floating point number)
  • dur the total duration of the animation as a floating point number.

To get the current time of the animation regardless of its start point in your timelines, you can use (t - start)

I realized that you can create a randomness emitter over a animation path to plot random positions using Math.random(t) :


This page that @Jonathan shared has a great set of functions:

For example:

You can use this in Hype by writing out

return Math.cos(t) * Math.sin(t)

If the curves are too steep, you can multiply it by a number smaller than 1:

cos sin (19.3 KB)


Many thanks to @Daniel for those great visual Math Equations explainers.