Making Ads for Adwords.. Set meta tag dynamically from scene size?


I make ads for Adwords. They require the tag
meta name=“ad.size” content="width=300,height=250"
In the head.

Usually, I have one Hype file, with multiple scenes that are the different ad sizes.

Two things that would make exporting for Adwords easier:
Make a dynamic property we can use for ad size, like ${sceneWidth} and ${sceneHeight} these should get filled in on export, like the current ${resourcesFolder}

Adwords also doesn’t like the cache hack that is included on the reference to the .js file:

If there was an option on export to remove the ?69771 that would mean that we dont have to open and remove it manually after export


Hi Evan:

Here’s an export script which does both of those things:

If this works well for you or if you can recommend any improvements please let me know. (Here’s more info on Export Scripts: )

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Brilliant thanks Daniel : )