Make a web test(education) website using Hype 3 and Javascript

Are there any possibilities to make a test app with Hupe 3 for the web, the main idea as follows:

User types in the answer to the textfield, presses enter button and if the answer is correct, the relevant animation is played.

Or are there any other ways?

This seems similar to this thread…

Basically, JavaScript would be used. Depending on which button someone pressed, the appropriate scene can be loaded.

Thank you, but the main question, where is such an element as the textfield in Hype? Is there such an element there?


No there are no built in form input textfields. But you can create them. This has beed asked many times and they are a lot of examples on the forum. Have a look at input form

This could be useful?

Thank you, but I haven’t seen a textfield form, but I haven’t finished the presentation:) Thanks anyway!