Looking for help with a simple question

Been learning Hype since January of this year. I have spent many hours building my portfolio with it. It’s an ongoing process and I’m not even close to being finished but it’s a very awesome program and I’m still excited to use it!

I have created my entire website portfolio in one single Hype Document. I built it thinking that my scenes would be new pages. For example my website is dyerportfolio.com and when you click on portfolio, I thought the transition would be dyerportfolio.com/portfolio in the web browser.

My question is, do I need to create an entire new Hype document for page transitions? Otherwise, how can I send someone to just my portfolio page? I didn’t realize until recently that it’s all connected to dyerportfolio.com, even after changing scenes in the document.

I’m having a very difficult time explaining myself but I hope someone out there understands me and can help!


Also, for anyone that can help with another question…

When I click on portfolio on my site, it automatically scrolls to the bottom of the scene. I haven’t changed any settings or anything. I’ve seen forum posts regarding scrolling to the bottom but what is the easiest way to keep it at the top?



I just stopped by your site.
You can make your site into different pieces meaning a main site
portfolio site etc.

Also take a look at this javascript method to go to scenes from outside of the document.

One of the benefits though of the small pieces build is that your load time is much faster.
You could also copy out all of your portfolio scenes and make them into a second Hype doc pretty easily making sure that you copy and paste all of your animations into a new doc.

Or duplicate your current file and delete everything but the portfolio section.
Then create the appropriate links to and from your main site.

Also any reason why you have not designed the site to be responsive for mobile platforms?


Is this what you are looking for?

@nick Thank you for the quick response! I guess I was just verifying that I needed to create a new Hype document and it wasn’t doable in the same. Great that it helps with loading times as well.

I will be creating responsive versions for tablet/phone after I’ve completed the desktop version. I have a lot to do but it will be mobile friendly soon!

Thanks again,


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