Line Dash Animate with Line Draw

The query selector in the dash() method operates on class names:

var hypePaths = document.querySelectorAll('.path');

Therefore you need to add a Class Name in the Document Inspector of "path":

Screen Shot 2021-01-18 at 4.22.13 PM

When I choose ‘path’ it works.
Why, if I choose another name as class and then edit the name also in the code it does not work? It is mandatory to use ‘path’?

no, the class-selector should work on any class.

btw did some work on it here

The class on the object is ‘spirale’.

I change ‘path’ into ‘spirale’ and it does not work.

bm-capture- 2021-01-19 à 08.29.52

The second selector is a tagselector not meant to be changed (as you can see there's no dot in front) ... just the first has to be changed. you've been to greedy in changes :wink:

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OK thank you.
I was misled because in the code both ‘path’ were in color.
I'm not a developer this is why I don't have a clue… :wink:

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