Known Issue: Incorrect colors when exporting animated GIF

Hello – When I export an animated GIF all I get is 6 frames of a blank background color. I’ve tryied exporting 3-second animations, so in theory 45 frames at 15 fps, but again, all I get is 6 blank frames.

I started using quite a large scene (3840 x 2160 (4k, for digital signage)) but thinking that maybe this is too large for whatever reason, have also tried 1920 x 1080 and 1280 x 720.

Is there some way of getting animated GIF export to work?

Thank you

hi @dbk3000,

Can you share your document?


Yes – ZIP file uploaded, contains .hype file and the GIF file that I output from the .hype file. (12.6 KB)

When I export I get all the frames, but you can’t see the animation. We’re using Apple’s built-in library for creating animated GIFs, and it is unfortunately flakey in several regards (sometimes it will make nothing at all which is what it sounds like you see) and other times it will have a very poor color palette selection making some elements invisible (what appears I am seeing). I’d like to switch this out for another GIF library in the future to make better versions.

Until then, my recommendation would be that if Hype doesn’t provide the results you want, try exporting as a movie and then use a different tool to convert to a GIF.

Hi @dbk3000,

I see what you mean. When I export …

@jonathan just noticed your post :slight_smile: I have re-created the exact same problem but when I change the background colour it seems to work. go figure!

After the changes I undo back to the original and it doesn’t work. Puzzling.


If you hit this again, here’s a couple other methods to get more colors out of your GIFs: GIF export quality & webfont support

Thanks everyone for looking into this. I had done the video-to-photoshop-to-GIF method but was hoping there was simple thing I was overlooking for GIF export.

I altered the colors in a couple of my test files – no luck. I even tried changing all colors to web safe colors.

Note to developers: My company produces training videos and is expanding into tablet-based training and digital signage. We use the media we produce for YEARS, over and over again. As we move into new platforms, we’re having to guess what the idea final output format is. For years, video and image sequences have been fine for us. Now we’re looking at HTML5. Digital signage can display videos, HTML5, or image sequences. HTML5 can use animated GIFs. One third party digital signage company said they can use animated GIFs in their system.

Long story short: I zeroed in on Hype as an ideal tool for us because it can, in theory, output HTML5, video, animated GIFs, and image sequences. Seems to cover all the bases. Something Edge Animate does not do.

So, if you can perfect all these export options, well that would be really cool.

I’ve had good luck with video export, and Gifrocket seems to work pretty well with those videos.

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Has this issue being address?

I am having problems exporting to animated gifs.

I dowloaded another app, exported pngs, converted to anims to get round the problem but this is a lot of work.


Steve Warby