Jump to a scene in another document


I use Hype to make my website. Each page of the site is a different hype file. My question is can I in one hype file say jump to scene in another hype file? Same question, but timeline in a scene as well.

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I think Daniel has a solution…

No this doesn’t work as it will produce a url that I don’t want to have. My site is like a game, and getting to an area is not easy to do. I thought It would be cool if students could “teleport” to where they need to be. This would require that on project A (hype file) they click a link and could jump to a specific scene in project B hype file without having a link that now other students could just type in and skip all the work the other students did to find this shortcut.

Thanks, any other thoughts would be great.

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You can combine an iframe with this technique so that your visitors never see the URL:

To create a button that you can use to load a different website in a box, follow these steps:

Select a box on your scene, and change its unique element ID to be something like 'frame1’
Then, create a button and have its ‘mouse click action’ trigger this function:

var newinnerContent = '<iframe id="frame2" src="http://site.com/mydocument.html#scene2" allowtransparency="true" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" style="border:none;overflow:hidden;width:596px; height: 149px" ></iframe>';
document.getElementById("frame1").innerHTML = newinnerContent

Let me know if that does the trick.

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This is probably too late but you could also look at browser storage, with the idea of when a students goes through each page and does some things on that page that increments a number in the storage.

If a student tries to use an url to jump ahead, a function on each page will check the progress number in the storage before displaying the scene elements.

If the number in the storage is ok then ok continue, if not load the page that the progress number corresponds to.


It will probably need to be localStorage rather than sessionStorage