Is there a way to scroll from scene to scene?

Hi guys, I was wondering if there is a script or a way to make it possible to add a scrolling function which leads to the next scene, once the user scrolls down to the end of the current scene?

A beta version of my project is currently online on www.detå - or try http://detå if your browser don’t like the character “å” in the url.

I know about this script Continue Timeline when scrolling

But I would like the document to be divided into scenes instead of just one scene with a scrolling timeline.

Any clues?

Thanks, Jacob

Hi Jacob,

Do you mean the ‘Push’ function?
If you set the ‘Duration’ you can control the ‘scroll’ speed.
(I used this recently for a conference interactive poster.)

I’ll have a look for some online documentation if you need it.

Hope this helps :wink:


Have a look at


I believe he means a scroll function. So when you scroll the mouse the scenes change. Not to “push” the scenes using Hype’s “push” transition.


I believe you could adapt Mark’s link above to work to your advantage.


Thanks D. I see what you mean now. :wink:

I just did that , by just changing the trigger element and using a scene change push…
The one thing I am trying to figure is limiting the next scene loading to not scroll all the way to the top.

But again I am on that 2.5v Mac. So am limited until I get back to the Pro- Mac

Maybe someone can pick this up.