[iOs WkWebView] Transitions Lag between scenes & animations

I made a app embeded in a WV.
It’s simple app with audio and moving images (transition left/right with linear (with ease -> lag))…
I notice important lag when I switch between 2 scenes.

I first started with fade, swipe, etc… and it’s very bad.
With “instant” it’s better but there is a delay between button pressed and the begining of the next scene… and the audio start before showing the scene

I try with :

  • css potion top/left off : no changes
  • audio api low latency oof (a little better)
  • change file:// to filewXX:// in HYPE-670.full.min.js no changes

In xcode (iphone 6+ in usb):
max cpu = 10%
max ram = 12 mb

Some memory pressure event 1 (or 2) vm pressure 0

Any idea ?
Thanks in advance.

Maybe disable audio preload?


And the magic happens !!!

Thanks for your help h_classen.
Love hype & his community ! :heart_eyes: :partying_face:


Hi Laurent!

Not clear here - did You do something different than what @h_classen suggested or did You use his suggestion? If the later it would be more appropriate to give the solution to him so as not to confuse readers (i.e. they might think they were missing something). If You did do something different~extra would You let us know what You did.


Oh, sorry for this misunderstanding…My english is not as good as my french :innocent:
H_classen solution is magic !
I check the good box !
Without audio preload, it’s faster and smoother.

After some tests, I found that without low latency API it’s better, perhaps because the audio is in the app and don’t have to be downloaded.

Have a nice day !