iOS loads a maximum of 16 videos then gives a black display


(Jonathan Deutsch) #22

This isn’t strictly a bug in Hype but a limitation of iOS. That said, we may be able to build a workaround for it. It is on our list to investigation and potentially fix. Please continue using your workaround.

(Althoff) #23

Hello we have a similar problem with a project of teaching videos
for a factory line.

With hype we have combined about 60 movies in a widget
and this brought about an iBook to run for application in the iPad

same problem after the 16th change, no movie is played again.

With the script given at Francis I have now tried to create a workaround in a short demo, unfortunately I have not succeeded,
I’m missing some knowledge in JavaScript,

Maybe someone has time there to discover the error?
Therefore here my mockup: (269.2 KB)

(Martin C.) #24

Hi Willem,
I’m experiencing the same issue with a slideshow between scenes that contain videos. I’m interested in your workaround, could you tell me how you made the scene-counter and the action of reloading the project ? Thank you very much ! - This is my project (still a draft) :