(iOS 11) HTML Widgets and iframes don't work in iBooks

I found some compatibility bugs for creating ibooks widget on IOS 11:
1 - vimeo iframes do not work in the ibooks author widget
2 - iframes of any Internet page do not scroll or open
test vimeo.hype.zip (10,8 KB)
test_page.hype.zip (10,2 KB)

I am having the same issue. Widgets that reference web content are non-functional, often showing a blank page. This includes video content referenced within iframes. My students who have not upgraded to iOS 11 have no such problems.

Unfortunately this is a known issue in iOS11. We filed a bug when one of our users hit this issue in a beta version of iOS 11 but we have not received an update on that report. There’s also a discussion on the Apple support site: https://discussions.apple.com/message/32262178#32262178

After some testing, here’s what I recommend:

External Video, such as Vimeo and Youtube embeds:

  1. Click Insert rectangle in Hype, and paste the <iframe> code within the Inner HTML of that rectangle (don’t put this inside of an HTML widget, because this will result in a double iframe)
  2. When dropping the HTML widget into iBooks author, use these settings in the Widget > Interaction settings:

For the iframe page, I wasn’t able to get this working at all unfortunately.

Here’s a test document I used: https://cl.ly/3Q002g3l0Z2q

The behavior of these widgets appears to be the same when exported from iBooks Author 2.6 (released today).