Internal Hyperlinks not Opening in External LMS Player

The hype project has been exported as an HTML package and is being presented in a player that is part of an LMS. All navigation and external links work correctly, but the internal links to other pages within the project will not open. They will open when previewed in the browser from Hype.

I am using this format for the internal links:

<a href="#" onclick="HYPE.documents['index'].showSceneNamed('Glossary',HYPE.documents['index'].kSceneTransitionInstant);"> (IIS)</a>

It looks correct to me; the main thing would be if your Hype document is not named ‘index’ it would not work. Feel free to share an exported/live URL to try to reproduce the problem.

Thank you for the help, Jonathan. Unfortunately, I will not be able to share the live URL here because the product is being hosted in a closed LMS.

If you wouldn’t mind, maybe you could help me to sort through the link a little. The HTML5 package is loaded on the LMS and the LMS player is pointing to the index.html that was created with the folder. Is this what you meant by the document being named ‘index’?

Unfortunately it might be highly dependent on the LMS and how the content is inserted. If you’ve exported the document and called it “index” though that’s at least the first step you’ll need to do.

To confirm, this link is something outside of the Hype document; elsewhere on the page the LMS is showing?

The most likely thing is that the LMS is putting the Hype document within an iframe. Because of this, links like that won’t work. iframes require special communication. There’s a forum post with a technique on how to do this with the postmessage call: