Images appear when previewing locally but not on previewing from a server

Noticed something, I received a file from someone who worked on a project which has some logos which are images. When I opened the Hype file and previewed off my browser locally I see everything, but when I exported the file for HTML5 and uploaded to my server I do not see the images ( logos ) there could be so many reasons for this but can someone point me in the right direction?


Ok after looking thru the file I see that the images that do NOT appear on the server are vectors. Would there be a reason why these vectors appear locally but not remotely?


Might be this issue: Fixing broken video, audio, & fonts and configuring your server to correctly serve content under the correct content-type

Can you post a link?

Me too, just last night, but my problem in this case was that I didnt get a preview on either my machine or the server. A different problem most likely but this is still something everybody should be aware of. There was literally no preview anywhere, and no file to revert to. I went back into manual backup which is the only thing I trust anymore, only lost 10 minutes of work, and recopied all items into a new Hype file, problem gone.

(There is no video on this page but I will drop in those additions to htaccess in any case)

This is more of a “best practices” kind of thing that COULD be related…maybe. Daniel replied to me in another thread stating that I should not use iCloud as a parking place for files. Right now, I need to work in two locations, using desktop at home and Macbook at the office for awhile. I have stopped doing that and I am having far less problems. I now use a USB file transfer cable, but even then I am questioning the effect of moving files as much as I do.

(There is no video on this page but I will drop in those additions to htaccess in any case, I did that 2 or 3 years ago, but it, at this time, was no longer there.)

I don’t know if it is related to what you are asking but I also think; try to avoid it if at all possible.

Sorry for the long, possibly unrelated story, but I think it is worth passing on.

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I use SVG files. I make sure the “Automatically optimize when exporting” option is unchecked. Is it checked for you? Maybe that’s the problem.

That is checked so its something else. I wanted to add I’m on a Mac and I have three browsers Firefox, Safari and Chrome and in all three browsers I still don’t see the svg images from the files stored remotely on my web server but I DO SEE the svg file in my local browsers.

I need to get to the bottom of this any help as this is NOT SOLVED.


That is checked so its something else.

Michael says it should be “unchecked” - or perhaps You mistyped.

Ralphie: Please try ‘unchecking’ the item and re-exporting.

Can you confirm you tried this?

If you can post a link we can help you SOLVE this issue quicker.

I work with Affinity Designer and I had a similar Issue with SVG files that lost font consistency and also some of them didn’t appear in the server.

I just did a quick fix in the SVG export preset adding “Export text as curves” and “Longer text spans” and Hype automatically updated the files and work with the server perfectly.


Thanks for sharing this tip! I believe this is because SVGs can optionally reference a web font in their internal CSS. Using curves gets you the raw vector data.

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I discovered another good practice related to SVG files, this is mainly for spanish or other user languages.

I found that any SVG file that got “tilde” in any character of the “filename.svg” don’t appear when you upload the project in a server. So check your SVG files names before use in Hype.


But if you do have to use the vector curves, I have found by testing that the alt tex tags in the identity Inspector show up very well in SEO evaluations.