Image sequence-player

(Jonathan Deutsch) #21

Interesting, I’ll look into that.

(Hans-Gerd Claßen) #22

btw: each pic has fullHD-size which is surely a k.o.-factor :slight_smile:
the sourcefiles for testing:

(Jonathan Deutsch) #23

Yeah, it is probably an issue due to the resulting spritesheet being 19,200 × 18,360 pixels. I can reproduce the problem easily on Chrome. Firefox doesn’t even show the image. Safari seems to work fine :slight_smile:. Thanks!


Thank you @h_classen and @jonathan. Is it for performance better to work with video or png sequences?
whats the right resolution for png sequences?

(Hans-Gerd Claßen) #25

smallest possible size and filesize is always recommend.

video may be a choice if you do not need transparency and interactivity.

(Jonathan Deutsch) #26

In this particular case, it looks like your character animation is occupying about 100x160 pixels, though this should be considered 200x320 for retina resolution. Your document does use flexible layout, so perhaps you’d like to make sure it looks good even if tripled up in size, to 600x960. Basically if you were just to crop each of your 1920x1080 frames to just the character you’d be at this size.

If Hype v4 constructs a sprite sheet of 168 images at 600x960, then the resulting file is 10200x9600, which is 27% the size of the original spritesheet, and might be manageable for browsers to run. In memory the bitmap would then require 373.53 MB vs 1,344 MB. It is still quite big, so if you can get away with a lower resolution or fewer frames that might be better. This could also be a time to use video for that many frames. (Or perhaps Hype can use a mechanism that is gentler on browsers, but that much memory is still going to be required)

(Loves Hype) #27

You can always just create the animations in Hype itself. Also tools like Spine are really powerful and you can use them with a JS runtime (probably even inside of Hype, JS required).


and the JS libraries to run the file as HTML5


Hi Jonathan, is it possible to test the new v4 Version?
i compared video to png again. it’s very important for me to work with png sequences because of different reasons: for example with Transparency and seamless Backgrounds. but since i want to add a lot of animations, the file structure in hype v3 could be very confusing. I’ll have thousands of pictures in the library. so it would be great if I could work wit v4.

(Hans-Gerd Claßen) #29

what kind of project will be the result?


I want to create a cordova app with some animations

(Jonathan Deutsch) #31

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