I need to upload and share a temporary URL address


I am not very familiar with web design, so probably this is a fundamental problem. I created an interactive presentation. I want to share it with my colleague. Our company does not let us use services such as Dropbox. I want to create a temporary URL and send it in that way. I tried GitHub and Wix, but I failed. Any Idea ?


This is not really a Hype Forum issue, But we may be able to point you in the right direction.

We would need more info though.

What are you actually trying to share.

  • html export from Hype

  • Hype Project file

  • What size is the project file or export when zipped

  • Is you colleague on the same network as you and have access to the same areas.
    *Why are you allowed to use GitHub which requires you to upload the files and not dropbox ?

Speaking of Github, have a look at this.

and or


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Thank you, I found a way to upload it on GitHub, but another problem occurred. In some systems, it works, and on some other systems, it doesn’t work. I also uploaded the file on the sharing system, and I realized that even if I download the HTML and the source folder, sometimes it doesn’t upload completely. For example, the links work in my companies laptop in chrome and IE, but when I download it, it doesn’t work in chrome.

This is the GitHub link


Hi Tirdad: I replied to your email, it’s not really clear what’s not working and how to reproduce the problem.

Okay, I figured out the problem. I had an unfinished tablet layout and whenever the browser was not in the full-screen mode, the tablet layout loaded. I deleted the tablet lay out, and it works now.