Hype + html5 Player + CMS - Signage Realistic Solutions


Can any one guide me on the most contrasted, successful, straight forward, solution to play Hype html5 files in combination to a easy to use scheduler?
At the moment, I pretend to show output on a single HD flat panel or insert output on a HD TV channel.

My first election has been a Cromebit (HTM5 player) + Chrome sign Builder (Scheduler).
In one side Cromebit lacks computing power and it is only connected by Wifi. Ethernet should be more reliable.
On the other, Chrome sign Builder lacks graphical display on what you are actual scheduling. Very basic…
I don’t know if I should keep escalating on Cromebox or make drastic change different solution.



I can’t personally vouch for it, but I know some folks have used BrightSign. My understanding from a while ago is that processing power was also a concern, but perhaps this is improved in current models.

Thank You Jonathan,

I have been interested on that solution for some hours but what is written about BrightSign on this forum is make me loose my hope.

Anyone willing to share his “Html5+Hardware+CMS” experience?

A way to determinate the best hardware is to know what is the best web browser for Hype html5?

If an Apple Webkit-Safari, then I should buy an apple device.
If a Google Chrome Browser, then I should get a chromeOS device or android.
If an Explorer-Windows Browser, then I should get an intel-pc box.

In my short experience, Hype html5 on Chrome browser, Chrome renders “What You See is What You Get” graphically speaking. That is a long way of achievement. But I have to try on the right hardware/graphic acceleration for HD resolutions.

Is there any good alternative to Chrome Sign Builder on ChromeOS?

Unfortunately it is rather dependent on your animation; all the browsers have different characteristics and all modern browsers are good enough that I couldn’t say to avoid any specific one. I do tend to favor Safari/Mobile Safari as 100% of Hype features work with it and it is quite fast and power efficient.

Thank You Jonathan,

Then a Mac Mini, Intel Core i5 1.4GHz, 4 GB RAM, 500 GB HDD, Intel HD Graphics 5000, macOS High Sierra must be more than enough, is it?

  • Do you think a iOS device can run 24/7 on HD?

And, can you advice on a html5 Kiosk player App, with schedule, on Mac Osx or iOS?

It is really dependent on your animations and what they are doing! That is a weaker machine, but probably okay for lightweight animations.

I personally don’t know much about how iOS can drive an HD display. There might be other kiosk software recommendations in the forums to look through. Generally all kiosk software uses WebKit under-the-hood so animation performance (especially if they use the “WKWebView” method) will be similar, and it is more about the kiosk-y features.