Hype Functions tutorials


I am working on a simple Hype How To again. This time addressing the where and what and when of Hype functions and how a person with little or no scripting experience can begin to expand Hype’s javascript functionality.

Take a look if anyone is interested in following along or has some suggestions on types of functions that should be included in the How To please let me know.




Nice one Nick, I wish we had something like this when I started using Hype :smiley:

You may want to read Jonathan's article on getElementById methods concerning collisions, basically -- document.getElementById() vs hypeDocument.getElementById()

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I would love to see sample files in any tutorial. I dont have any background in Javascript outside of Hype, and very often I don’t charge in because I am not yet aware of just what can be accomplished and can’t take the time to dive in because I don’t know at that time just what I could do with a feature. An analogy would be Steve Jobs creating products that we didn’t know we needed until they are out there, then I say Now I Get It.


That is a very helpful why and history to the old ID system.
It took me awhile to understand how ID’s were used when I got my first Hype copy.
I think this is a real keystone concept.

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It would also be useful to include how functions are scoped in Hype.

Additionally, you might distinguish between traditional function definitions and function expressions as the later can be very useful in general and in Hype particularly.

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