Hype Export and Adform

Hy there,

when used Hype for building a Test Banner for Adform (which we use most), unfortunatly we got the following Problems with Adform Integration:

Adform employee: “I edited the banner, and added an Adform dhtml script, a clicktag, removed a couple files, which aren’t supported by our system (all Mac OS related files, a .plist file and PIE.htc. Since PIE.htc is responsible for IE CSS3 animations), I made a backup image for IE9 and older, manifest.json was missing. Deleted Browser detection etc.”

Are they any plans for maybe an export option for Adform (they are getting a huge momentum)?

If not, Hype is pretty useless for us at the moment (sorry to say that, because it is a nice tool)



Here’s a bit more information about what these files do: Banner ad file optimization

You can remove the PIE.htc if you don’t plan on supporting IE6-8 (or you don’t have transparent PNGs). You may run into issues when deleting ‘Browser Detection’ since we show certain animations for certain browsers using browser prefixes.

I recommend testing on all browser you’d like to support to make sure your ad looks good. We’ll definitely look into exporting specific packages for Adform. Thanks!

Thanx Daniel. Much appreciated :smile:

cheers Don

I have a similar issue with DoubleClick (and Sizmek, if you’ve heard of them). They don’t support the %20 that Hype uses for spaces in filenames, and PIE.htc is not allowed either apparently.