Hype DoubleClick Initial Load

Hi guys,

I’m having a really hard time with dealing with a publisher for a ipad ad. They require
a) 100kb initial load
b) to go trough google doubleclick

Now i found doubleclick’s innitial load scripts and have dealt with them before

Now my issue is would that code work if i go trough hype.
I assume the best way is to make a blank stage with the code in it then put the code in and do a js event to trigger after its loaded so i can trigger the scene to start.

Any tips on this?
Has anyone ever done this?


You can definitely put the polite loading functionality into an ‘On Scene Load’ function. Basically what would happen is your Tumult Hype document would load, and when the first scene is loaded, a function can be called which then continues a timeline or starts your ad. Here’s a bit more info about this workflow with a sample document: Howto: Deploying Hype animations to DoubleClick Studio

Staying under the 100kb initial load depends on what you’re doing in your document. You may need to load multiple documents to stay under this limit, but Gzipping your JS from your server will help keep this number down.