Hype button drives javascript which sets HTML Widget - not working on iPad

Some time ago, I created a web page where a series of Hype buttons execute a javascript. The javascript determines which button was clicked then loads the appropriate page into the HTML Widget. Web site works great using a computer’s browser (Safari, Firefox), but when I try to use the page on an iPad or iPhone (Safari) none of the buttons work. I even tried using Hype Reflect to see if the issue was due to the browser, but I received the same results. Attached is a scaled down demo of the code with just three buttons - each one using a different Hype event (on click, mouse down, mouse up). Any assistance would greatly be appreciated.

Art B.

demo.hype.zip (34.8 KB)

Thank you Hans-Gerd - I would never have found that item without your help. I wish Safari on iPad had the developer tools so you can see the errors.

Ok, one other question regarding that fix - according to the information I’m reading about getElementsByTagName(“IFRAME”), it retrieves the element information from within the iFrame (which I assume is the HTML-Widget). Where I am confused is the buttons in question are part of the Scene and not in an iFrame (unless Hype is generating iFrames as part of the HTML-Widget implementation).

  • is there a difference between Safari on an iPad that makes it react differently from the OS X Safari?
  • Is Hype actually generating iFrames to handle the presentation of the HTML-Widget?

I’m asking because I’m trying to learn Javascript, as it is not my primary computer language.
Thanks in advance for your assistance.
Art Blumberg

It does.

But you need to enable it on the iPad and connect the iPad to your mac and then you will see your iPad name in the top of the developer Tools menu. There will then be options to inspect the iPads current pages.

Here is a quick how too

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