Hype banner to sizmek banner

Good morning does anyone know about sizmek banners?
I have created a banner in hype but the client wants to make it “Sizmek” compatible.

They have a specific way they want the files!!


I’m not a programmer so bear with me… :blush:

Hi you will need to download an export script.

Easiest way to install is just download the Sizmek installer

After the Installation you should see the Export script in Hypes Export HTML5 menu

Advanced Installation:

  1. Download Unzip and Open Hype go to the Preferences
  2. Go to the exports tab click the “Show Export Scripts Folder In Finder”
  3. Drop in the Python Script with an Enclosed Directory “Sizmek”
  4. Now you should see it in your Hypes Export Option


Heres a video for you to follow along

Enjoy, hope this helps
Ps. If you need additional scripts heres the page


Pete, thank you for your help,
but the script exports all the data in one file and the specifications are: index, images, scripts, styles

There is also the «Organized Assets» script but it doesn’t make exactly the files I need.

I suppose some programming skills might help here…

thanks again

Im not too familiar with sizmek exports, however your free to do some research on the forum and perhaps @Daniel or @jonathan could step in and help you out from here. I just know the process of installing an export script. Also, at times Sizmek and Google... tweak the submit guidelines in terms of whats included in the export so yeah its a bit of tricky thing to get it up and running.

heres what I found by searching sizmek.

Can you share your requirements or an example of the format they are expecting? Is it a requirement of the client or of Sizmek?

Hi Daniel , I have a “HTML5 Standard Banner Build Guide” take a look
HTML5 Standard Banner Build Guide.pdf.zip (295.8 KB)

Tumult Hype users have been submitting and publishing ads to Sizmek for a while now, and that guide was last updated in July of 2014.

I think the folder structure is referring to the template in the PDF and not to a requirement of the ad since we haven’t heard of any rejections being the fault of the folder structure exported via the Hype Export script that @petester mentioned.

Good morning Daniel,
the template file they gave me and can be downloaded from sizmek site has that structure .

There are other Tumult exports scripts for organising assets.

Editing the script is not hard. And I think in your case it would be just changing the folder names in the script that do not suit. for example

Changing the line:

url_info['url'] = "js/" + args.replace_url


url_info['url'] = "scripts/" + args.replace_url

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Hello Taterina,

in this reply I have send you a open Hype file with all the set tracking and click-true code that are needed for the Sizmek api to work. Just add you own assets and animation and change the size if you will. Then export it like a file. Video underway.

I even show where an how to upload.
Basic_Sizmek_Hype.zip (329.7 KB)

The video file for download. a how to:
Dateiname: preview_howto_sizmek.mp4.mp4
URL: http://files-hh.hirschen.de/_JFtRwkRRw81MER
Größe: 42.7 MB
Der Link verfällt am 12.8.2018.

Hope this helps. I have base files for different Adservers: GDN, Flashtalking, Adform mobile if you need more.


The Script didn’t work for us so we build it ourselves. Scripts need to be kept up to date. That is in my mind not the responsibility for Team Tumult. The Adservers themselves should do this. But before that happens Hype needs to be the standard go to application for online advertisement. We are not there yet (wishful thinking) :thinking:.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Thank you Mark :slight_smile:

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But we want to be as up to date as we can! ...which is why we have our export scripts ready for forking & updating: hype-export-scripts/Sizmek/Sizmek.hype-export.py at master · tumult/hype-export-scripts · GitHub

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Like I said, these ad servers change guidelines frequently and no one can keep up with them. I wish there was a notifier of some sort.

I tested the Sizmek export script and was able to successfully preview an ad on the MDX platform (HTML5 Polite Banner).

If you have an ad that does not work with the Export Script, I’d appreciate if you could attach a zip of the .hype document along with any relevant MDX settings. Thanks!