Hype and BrightSign players

Has anyone attempted to host an HTML5 site that was built by Hype on a BrightSign media player (brightsign.biz)? Hype and BrightSign are two favorite products of mine, and I’ve had high hopes for making the two work together, but the results have been pretty awful. I have no reason to believe that Hype isn’t generating perfectly good code, so I guess I just expected more from BrightSign’s rendering engine. As it stands, even simple animations play back choppily and so far, audio doesn’t work at all. This and more in spite of having created a very spare, under-sized document (the “HTML5 Best Practices” PDF for the device suggests that 720p will produce the best results; but in my tests, I can see no difference at all between that and 1080p).

Maybe I’m missing something obvious, so before giving up on using this combo, any experiences out there that might point me in the right direction? Thanks!


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Hi lukesmith,

I have exhaustfully tested Hype3 and the BrightSign 4K player in attempt to do the same thing. No Luck. I’ve talked with the technical people at BrightSign and they can’t comment on why it’s not working.
My theory is because of the “BrightScripts” that are generated by BrightAuthor and they conflict with the Hype Scripts that are generated.


As @EngineBryan said the performance is really shit. I have tried both the low end and high end versions they have and the same fps-drops occurs on all of them. I guess it has to do with javascript that is not working as intended on their kind of “browser” they use to view the page. It’s everything from graphical glitches to insanely slow performance. Clicking on a button to load a new scene can take up to 10 seconds. Average fps is 10-15.

Too bad it doesn’t work because a brightsign would be a great solution.

@lukesmith & @EngineBryan @markus

That’s a bummer. Until Brightsign can get the FPS up, keep in mind that you can always export your Tumult Hype document as a 1080p video: File > Export as Movie > MP4. You’ll get 30fps video that the sign can probably handle. And you can always embed video in a primarily HTML-based scene so you get crisp animations that don’t require any rendering on their end.

that’s true @Daniel. By the way, have you had any contact with brightsign regarding their problems viewing hype projects? It would be awesome to see Tumult and Brightsign cooperating :smile:

I agree @markus it would be awesome to see Tumult and BrightSign cooperating. @Daniel if you need contact info let me know.

I’d be happy to reach out and see if we can improve support. Thanks! Could you send send me a personal message. (Click ‘private message’ here).

Resurrecting this thread…
Is there anyone with recent experience with Hype html5 and Brightsign? I’m involved in a project where Brightsign players and Touchscreen will be used. I have never worked with this kind of equipment so I need to know if this is possible so I can build an interactive presentation.

  • Will this run an Hype exported website ?
  • Is framerate for animations ok?
  • Can you make use of jquery and other external scripts?

Many thanks!!


Ok so maybe @EngineBryan @markus or @lukesmith do have some recent experiences? Any information would be helpfull.

many thanks!


My experience (and success) with this configuration is minimal, though it is nice to hear that someone else is giving it a try. Officially, Brightsign devices support HTML5, with quite a few caveats and more than a couple “recommendations,” and that fits with my practical attempts at using code generated by HYPE. The result produces very sluggish playback and each time I’ve tested a site, I stop trying and switch to using BrightAuthor, which is bundled for free with Brightsign devices. I wish I had more positive news to report; BrightAuthor works well, but simply can’t do many of the things a web designer has come to expect. My blind guess is that the cause of the sluggishness is a limited ability to handle Javascript, though nothing qualifies me to say so.

On the plus side, depending on your situation, it may be worth giving it another try — Brightsign releases new firmware regularly, and the devices are becoming more and more powerful.


Many thanks for your detailed reply!
The client still has to decide what hardware will we bought, so I guess it’s better to advise them to buy a decent PC instead. For me it would be a nice experiment, but when I have to struggle with the available options and don’t get the desired result there is not much fun left. The supplier of the hardware is promoting the brightsign players so I have to see what happens next. It’s not my decision. I let you know if it wil be Brightsign indeed and what my experiences are.

Thanks again!


Here’s a set of Brightsign recommendations for HTML5 production: http://docs.brightsign.biz/display/DOC/HTML5+Development

One thing I noticed:

Because BrightSign players use an older version of Chromium than recent desktop versions, newer desktop Chrome releases may not work with the Web Inspector.

Also, if you don’t need interactivity, you can export 4k video directly from Tumult Hype’s video export feature:

XTx43, 4Kx42, and XDx33 models can display HTML pages using 4K video modes (3840x2160 or 4096x2160).