HTML5 Games next 100 billion platform…Hype!

While Hype is not a dedicated Game development platform it has the chops to be in the HTML5 Game space.
Great article on where Venturebeat sees this space heading over the next 12 months.
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P.S. Working on the Hype +Android Studio Tutorial series at the moment for my YouTube Channel. :slight_smile:



It is hard to get a killer app in any space these days since the field is full of very talented developers.

I personally like the way Hype is going. If they were just a Game Development platform that would be too limiting to their growth.
The fact that I can prototype projects or make real projects that sell is a bonus for me.

In the end I am a Hype Evangelist I guess. I see real potential in the application as it stands today and cannot wait for more updates.

As for Game Development alone…

I am a digital illustrator hybrid by training, and while that helps me with my projects.
For those that are not illustrators there are several repositories for buying sprite graphics for use in Hype or other platforms.
While we illustrators like to get freelance work too :wink: the repositories are great places to get your backgrounds, sprites, and platforms for example…

It still supports illustrators as well since they can sell their asset packs using sites like these.

Also let’s face it if you want to develop games then it is a full time pursuit either as a day job or a second freelance gig.

I would suggest GameSalad, or Unity for that or even YoYoGames.

The other site you should look at is
He has some of the better tutorials out there for game development and iOS development.

And good luck on your next project!


One other thing that the article points out…poorly written headline. The HTML5 Gamespace that can be tackled is for instant games like those in FaceBook Messenger.

This looks like a great new avenue for Hype creators

While this is a closed beta if you have a game under development you may want to sign up


The Bots are coming!
More background on the HTML5 Messaging Game space

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And one more recent article on iOS bots.
If you did not take a look at my quick video snapshot of how to make an .apng animated sticker in Hype you can see the seed of ideas for message bots utilizing Hype as a creator platform.

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Repo with free game assets :